Uncovering Truths, Inspiring Change

Hello! I’m Donovan Carlson, a dedicated freelance writer and investigative journalist with a passion for unearthing stories that matter.

A relentless pursuit of the truth drives my journey in journalism, whether it’s through deep investigative pieces for newspapers and magazines or insightful articles on faith, family, and marriage.

A Voice at Hard Work Theory Magazine

As a senior contributor to Hard Work Theory, I have had the privilege of being a part of a platform that values deep, insightful journalism. My role here allows me to explore and write about a range of topics, from in-depth analyses of current events to thoughtful explorations of family, faith, and the human experience. At Hard Work Theory, I’m not just a writer; I’m a storyteller who connects with readers on issues that matter in today’s world. This experience has been pivotal in my growth as a journalist, offering me an avenue to share my insights with a broader audience.

Investigative Journalism

With an unwavering commitment to integrity, I have built my reputation on producing well-researched, impactful journalism. My work often leads me to uncover hidden truths and bring to light issues that shape our society. I believe that good journalism not only informs but also inspires action and fosters change.

Faith, Family, and Marriage

Beyond the realm of investigative journalism, I am profoundly engaged in exploring the realms of faith, family, and marriage. My writings in these areas reflect a deep understanding of their complexities and nuances, offering guidance, comfort, and insight to those navigating these essential aspects of life.

Public Speaking and Panels

As a recognized voice in the industry, I have had the privilege of sharing my insights at various colleges, on numerous podcasts, and on panels discussing current events, particularly focusing on the impact of technology on family dynamics. My engagements as a speaker are opportunities to connect with audiences on a personal level, sparking conversations that matter.

Educational Journey

My academic path at Belmont Abbey College was more than just a pursuit of knowledge; it was a journey that shaped my perspectives and honed my skills. Nestled in the rich historical and cultural tapestry of Belmont, this institution offered me an environment where I could grow both intellectually and personally. Here, I delved into the complexities of [Your Major or Field of Study], which laid the foundation for my career in journalism and writing. The experiences and learnings I gained at Belmont Abbey have been instrumental in shaping my approach to storytelling and investigative journalism.

My Mission

At the heart of all my endeavors is a commitment to fostering understanding and encouraging dialogue. Whether I’m investigating a story, writing about life’s fundamental elements, or speaking to an audience, my goal remains the same: to enlighten, to engage, and to empower.

I invite you to explore my work, join the discussions, and be a part of this journey of discovery and growth.

Discover, Engage, Transform

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